The Construction Business Institute is a nonprofit designed to help construction contractors build strong businesses. We provide educational opportunities, one on one coaching, peer roundtables, and online resources to help our contractors reach their business goals.

"I have been waiting on a specialized program to help me work through the business challenges I face with my construction company and for mentors to serve as hands on accountability partners. I look forward to staying involved in CBI; I'll probably be at every class!"

          -- Marcella G.

"Running a contracting business is hard. Adrienne has proven experience running her own businesses and building business programs that actually help contractors. As a participant in the Blue Hills Contractor Incubator, I am excited to continue working with Adrienne and her team in this capacity."

          -- Leonard W. 

"Government contracting comes with a whole set of rules and regulations that you usually have to learn by doing. I can't wait to join a Round Table group that allows me to share the challenges and best practices with other contractors who work in this sector."  

          -- Carol E.

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